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January 21
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Not Your Fault by silver-dragonetsu Not Your Fault by silver-dragonetsu
Points for Coden

Some much needed comfort after the tragic loss of a beloved companion. Based on the below roleplay.
Coden © silver-dragonetsu
Jayne © Xakriuth

[RP to be graded separate from Image, please.]

“Not Your Fault” as Roleplay’d by silver-dragonetsu & Xakriuth
Points for Coden and Jayne
Word Count:
Jayne: 798
Coden: 932

Xac: After a less than kindly confrontation with a certain blonde elf, it was left to Coden to attend to Jayne, whom was left rather out of sorts by a punishing “pow-hammer”, and carry the young buck back to his room. When Coden reached the top of the stairs, Jayne started to come to slowly. He groaned and mumbled to be let go.

Mr. Rainbow: Coden ignored the boys complaints, and continued to drag him along to his room. Keeping the deer firmly pinned to his side as he'd lead him along.

Xac: Jayne was still very out of it and wouldn't be able to do anything against Coden's pull, and then they were in his room. He tried to go to a chair to sit down, head throbbing. He hung his head forward and rubbed his hand through his hair with a sigh. He would remain relatively silent, not really wanting to talk, all the while, the pit in his stomach widened.

Mr. Rainbow: He'd let Jayne stumble into the chair as he pleased, though not without making sure he'd made it there, anyway. And though he'd the inclination of walking out and locking the boy in his room, Coden couldn't help but feel cemented in front of Jayne. Scowling at the top of Jayne's head with something of anger and disappointment.
"Idiot.... Foolish...stupid boy..."

Xac: Jayne flinched and his hand dropped away from his head. "...I have to go help Ryu... I don't know what else to do..."

Mr. Rainbow: "You have to do nothing, Have we not been through enough?" He continued to stare at Jayne, clenching his hands into fists.

Xac: He shook his head slightly. "... I can't- ... I don't want to do nothing." He stared down at his hands, which he started to wring together. "Have to... move on..." His voice got quieter.

Mr. Rainbow: Coden's breath gave a silent hitch, his fists abruptly slackening from their angry clenching. It was difficult to look at Jayne in anger now, so much as in apathy. "Do not-- ......It is too soon." Struggling against the worrisome frown that pulled the corners of his mouth, Coden raised hesitant hands to the sides of Jaynes face. "Too much...It is...too much, too soon. We cannot lose you as well."

Xac: He continued to shake his head, more out of needing to do some kind of movement than to really disagree with anything. "... You won't... If Roe has been able to hide successfully before... I won't be in danger. I have to help... Stay good, and all..." The pit continued to widen until Jayne thought he might fall through it, and he couldn't sit still any longer. He stood up suddenly. His head throbbed and he swayed on his hoofs slightly. "I... My clothes are probably clean now. Have to... Go get them."

Mr. Rainbow: "Dammit Jayne--" Stepping with the deer as he pushed himself up, Coden latched onto his shoulder to shove him back down into his chair."Stop! You are not going. Not now--not while it is still hot! I forbid it! If Roe can hide, then let her hide with that damned boy until things have settled down! I will not lose another of mine!" He seethed and stare hard at Jayne, fingers digging into the deers shoulders as he caught the swirling, sickening breath caught in his chest.

Xac: Instead of sitting back down, however, Jayne wrenched his shoulder back, trying to get out of Coden's grip. He stared back at Coden resolutely. "We go into battle almost every day, there is always a chance any one of us could die- What would you rather I do anyway?" His ears were twitching nervously.

Mr. Rainbow: "I would rather you safe! Where I can see you!" He'd let Jayne jerk away, but kept himself firmly in front of the other, distress growing in his tone. His control over his emotion slipping with each word until he simply trembled with anger and trepidation. "We may see battle every day, but every time, Jayne-- Every time the lot of you leave my sights, you come back to me in shambles! And at the beck of that boy, especially! This last time--"
He caught his breath and swallowed it down. He was trying to be strong, but he was losing the battle with himself.

Xac: Jayne stared at Coden for a few moments while his ears just twitched, then his eyes fell to the ground. "... You can come with me... If you are worried. I don't want... I don't mean to cause trouble... I didn't mean for Bahadur-" The deer shook his head, ears flopping. "But... I have to stay strong, and continue to protect... No matter what."

Mr. Rainbow: He didn't want to go. Didn't want anything to do with any more fights. He was tired of fighting. Tired of running. Hypocrisy would be his close companion, though, in that despite his wants, he would more than likely follow suit, if only to look out for these idiots of his he'd come to care too much for.  
Sighing heavily at Jayne, Coden let his shoulders sag with a defeat. --But his hands would rise again. Fighting his hesitance to reach past the boys downcast face to catch him by an antler and jerk his head down, enough so, that Coden could wrap his arms around the other neck and bury his scowl against Jaynes crown.
"Stubborn boy...... You do not always have to be the hero."

Xac: The deer flinched, shocked at the sudden embrace. He'd been more expecting to be hit... He may have even been trying to goad it... But in this sudden closeness with the man he looked up to as his father... He couldn't stop the tremor in his shoulders. "... If I'm not... what is left?" He was quiet for a bit while his throat seized up and he leaned his head onto Coden's shoulder. "I couldn't protect him... He was right there, my hand was... this close to grabbing-" Jayne's voice cracked at that point, so he snapped his mouth shut.

Mr. Rainbow: Coden tightened his arms around Jayne, perhaps just assuring himself the deer wasn't going to vanish as suddenly as he remembered Barts tumbling over that rail. "You are not alone..... We all wish we could have done more. It was just too time...It is not your fault," Coden stated firmly.
Xak: Jayne took a long shuddery breath, his arms twitching slightly before rising up to rest hesitantly on Coden's back. "... I have to keep fighting... If I just sit here, then I'll just think about it, and remember and..." He shook his head again, his face rubbing against the cloth. "I need to go see Ryu..."

Mr. Rainbow: There was still a detestment for Ryu. The lack of desire to want for anything to do with the boy, but he knew it could not be ignored. They were more involved than he wanted to believe. Sighing heavily, Coden loosened his embrace to push Jayne back a space and gather the young mans face firmly in his hands by his ears.  And he looked the buck straight in the eyes. "Then we go together. Not today...not tomorrow...but the weeks end. And we will all go. End of discussion." Pursing his frown, Coden dropped his eyes and squeezed them shut, fighting off a deeper ache. "Spirits save your soul if you give me reason to bury another son--"

Xac: A pang went through his chest, and all thoughts of argument left as Jayne stare at Coden's face, to the point where he found himself giving a humble nod as he dropped his own eyes to the floor. "...m'sorry..."

Mr. Rainbow: Tilting his head forward, Coden rest his brow heavily a moment against Jaynes. Mumbling an incoherent sound beneath a sigh before drawing away entirely and patting the side of Jaynes face as he stepped away. He seemed to try to smile, but it was weak and tired. "Get your clothes. Get some rest. We will have much to discuss in the following days."

Xac: THe deer nodded again, swiftly drawing a hand over his eyes to wipe away some budding tears. "I... was thinking of going out and taking a few jobs... Just local monsters... Something to pass the time." He looked up at Coden, the fight and stubbornness from before long gone as he asked permission. "... I promise I won't leave without you to see Ryu."  Jayne was an awful liar, but that meant it was that much easier to know when he was telling the truth. And he never broke a promise.

Mr. Rainbow: His frown would return for all of a few moments before he'd will it away and nod approvingly. Coden sympathized the need for distraction. It might be good for him to occupy himself with general questing again. "Local. Nothing that would take you outside the region."

Xac: Jayne gave the man another nod, and even though his leg was aching, he didn't sit back down. Instead, he walked passed Coden to the door, muttering about laundry. He had thought for a split second of taking a break and just laying in bed for a few hours, but he didn't trust himself with his thoughts for that long, and wanted to stay busy. Before leaving Coden, however, he would pause. "... Thank you, Coden..."

Mr. Rainbow: He was surprised by the thanks. He shouldn't have, but he was, for one means or another. Following Jayne to the door, He'd smoothly lay his hand against the others shoulder. Squeezing it firmly as subtle proof of the moment as he nod gently at Jayne. His lips parted, with a want to say something, but even after all that had just transpired, the man’s jaw locked up and his tongue tucked itself timidly away from what would have been prompt and proper confections. Surely, though, Jayne might know enough by the tight smile that returned briefly to his face what he'd mean. Anchoring Jaynes shoulder, Coden pulled himself past the young buck to shuffle wearily down the hall to attend Alexis before returning to his previous tasks.
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